"Premium" Models

Our premium models include carpeted floor, carpeted walls, choice of house and trim color, and lifetime shingle roof. If you would prefer to pick and choose the options that fit your needs best or have a request for something not listed (some of the things we have done in past builds include a heater for a larger house, entry door flaps, pocket door-style entry door, covered porch, hinged roof, etc.) please contact us for a quote.


XX-Small (XXS) size approximately 1½.' x 1½.': $125.


X-Small (XS) size approximately 1½.' x 2': $135.


Small (S) size approximately 2' x 2½ is $145.


Medium Small (MS) size approximately 2.' x 3 is: $175.


Medium Medium (MM) size approximately 3.' x 3 is $205.


Medium Large (ML) size approximately 3' x 3½' is $235.


Large (L) size approximately 3½' x 4' is $285.


X-Large (XL) size approximately 4' x 4' is $325.


XX-Large (XXL) size approximately 4' x 5' is $395.


XXX-Large (XXXL) size approximately 4' x 6' is $515.


"Jumbo" (J) size approximately 5' x 5' is $525.


"Gigantic" (G) size approximately 5' x 6' is $595.



Plain/Unfinished (starting at $85): Unfinished wood (no carpet, paint, or roofing). Approximately 2' x 3'

Special Requests

• Customized trim designs available! (Polka dot, zebra print, cow spots, stripes)

• We will build any size house with your choice of house and trim colors.

Delivery service is available! - please ask for estimate! (Note: deliveries will only be made to where our truck has access - we will not carry the house!)

• For a custom estimate, please contact Dave at (209) 581-1729 or