Happy Dogs

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"Best dog house I found for my pet LoLa. She loves her new dog house!"

"Thank you for our new house, there is so much room inside! I think they will love it! Thanks again!"

"I love my new house and so does my dog! Not only is it cuter than any house at the pet stores, it is WAAY stronger! My dog loves it - especially the carpet! I even thought about moving in!"

"This is the perfect dog house. It has the official Giants orange and it matches perfectly with the team logo I put on! This is the nicest house my dog has ever had!"

"Dave's Dog House made me the exact house I wanted! I couldn't find a farm themed house anywhere and this house turned out better than I could have imagined."

"Me and my dog both love his new crib! Go A's!"

"Dave can do a lot more than just dog houses! This is by far the coolest and most customized 'cat condo'; it's way better than any store bought house and it even has carpet on the sides for Casey to scratch (and it's nice thick carpet, too. She won't be tearing it apart any time soon) and a toy on top for her to play with!"

"Pookah loves her new house! Right when I put it out for her, she hurried right inside to settle in. She LOVES it and I couldn't be any happier just knowing she is comfortable in her new house. THANK YOU!"

A Great Dane puppy "growing in" to his new house!

Two very happy dogs!

"My pig loves her new home! Piggy absolutely loves her new bed. Just wanted to thank you again!"